Back in the swing

I haven’t written anything for a few weeks, but I’m going to try to get back into the habit here. Last month, I went to a conference at the University of Kentucky (DOPE: Dimensions of Political Ecology) and presented part of this research as a paper called “Fermenting (In)distinction” on a panel on aesthetics. The paper focuses on taste’s ability to serve not only as a  means and a marker of distinction (Bourdieu), but also as a cultivated sense of indistinction that confuses differences. I argue that indistinction as encouraged by food substitute producers (say, cellular agriculture folks) can obscure the same sorts of connections with production processes that taste can create and sustain in other contexts. I got some good feedback on the paper, and I’m looking forward to trying to expand on these ideas, hopefully with some new empirical data to work with. In the meantime, more posts to come!


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